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Dr. Dylan Attard

About Me

Aspiring Entrepreneur
Dynamic Physician &
Venture Partner

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A dynamic physician trained in Surgery. The driving force behind Med-Tech World, a leading MedTech & HealthTech international conference brand, aiming to connect startup and investors as well as anyone else in between.

My passion for start-ups and entrepreneurship is fueled by a firm belief that these endeavours hold the key to solving the world's most pressing problems. I am committed to using my skills and experience to drive innovation in the healthcare industry, leveraging the latest technologies and business practices to achieve success.

I have a deep appreciation for the underdog and the power of perseverance. I am always drawn to the stories of those who have overcome great challenges to achieve success and am committed to supporting others on their journey.

As a networker, I believe in the power of building genuine relationships that extend beyond business connections. I am always looking for opportunities to connect with others, to learn from them, and to share my own experiences in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Education +

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My Motivations

Aspiring Entrepreneur

I have always had a passion for entrepreneurship, driven by a desire to make a positive impact in people’s lives. With my clinical background and interest in healthtech, I see an opportunity to combine my love for entrepreneurship with my expertise to create innovative solutions that can transform the healthcare industry. I am excited to take on this challenge and see where this journey takes me.

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Feature Article on Medgate Today's first Arab Magazine, March 2023

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Dylan Attard, Med-Tech World Summit Conference CEO & Co-Chair | Med-Tech Interviews

My Motivations

Med-Tech World Summit

MedTech World, a premier conference in the med-tech and healthtech sphere, annually hosts its European flagship event, MedTech Malta, in Europe. The conference also organises multiple roadshow events worldwide. MedTech World Summit serves as a convergence point for healthcare professionals, technology experts, investors, and industry leaders, fostering the exchange of knowledge and discussions on the latest innovations in healthcare technology and healthtech.

With a dedicated focus on promoting connections between investors and start-ups, our conference aims to catalyse financial collaboration within the MedTech sector. Explore with us the opportunities for linking capital with innovative ventures and stay at the forefront of healthtech advancements.

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My Motivations

Venture Partner

My passion for entrepreneurship, combined with my clinical experience as a surgeon and leadership of the Med-Tech World Summit, makes me a unique Venture Partner. With a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and a keen eye for innovation, I am well-positioned to identify and support promising startups that have the potential to disrupt the industry and drive positive change. I bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and passion to the table, making me an invaluable asset to any venture team.

My Motivations

MedTech & HealthTech Consultant

My extensive clinical experience in surgery, coupled with my achievement of graduating as a medical doctor, uniquely positions me as an advisor to startups and companies in the healthcare sector. This firsthand understanding of medical intricacies allows me to offer valuable insights into product development and innovation. Leading the MedTech World Summit showcases my ability to navigate the intersection of medicine and technology, fostering a dynamic understanding of industry trends. Furthermore, my vast network of global investors and healthcare professionals serves as a testament to my credibility and influence. As an advisor, I bring not only medical expertise but also a strategic perspective and unparalleled connections, making me an invaluable asset to companies seeking success in the healthcare industry.

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